The Segway ONE S2

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The Segway ONE S2 is the one Australia has been wanting and asking for. We finally got it on our website! Yay WalkSmart! You ask, we listen. The ONE S2, however, has a high toll of practice and dedication. Note this is extremely dangerous and is meant to be tamed and master only for those who qualified enough. Once one has taketh control, one should be able to balance it; as all things should be (Thanos, 2018).

A customizable LED lights to your liking, check!
An app to control the movement, speed, mileage, and more, check!
A foldable and easy to carry design, check!
A massive range of 30km and speed of 24kmh to boost your way to work so you do not miss that promotion you have been asking for, double check!

What more could you ask for? Get ONE for you or anyone who you think needs some balance practice today! Learn more below.